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General conditions for using vouchers

Winetours Bulgaria Ltd offers


Gift vouchers for a specific tourist service:

- it is necessary to choose the type of service: wine weekend, gourmet dinner, tasting, wine tour, etc.

*The validity of the voucher for a group-organized wine tour is tied to the specific dates of the trip

*The validity of the voucher for wine tasting, gourmet dinner, and wine weekend is not tied to specific dates but depends on the capabilities of the sites to which it applies. The validity is 6 months


Gift vouchers of a certain value:

- a specific amount is indicated and paid

* All vouchers purchased after 01.03.2022 are valid for 6 months from the date of issue

The services for which it can be used should be those offered by Wintours Bulgaria OOD at the time of using the voucher.
If the value of the service is less than the amount of the voucher, the difference is not refundable. If the value of the service is higher, the bearer of the voucher should pay the difference.

The conditions under which the voucher is purchased:

The gift voucher issued by Wintours Bulgaria OOD is a document certifying the right of the bearer to use the selected tourist service or travel service for the specified value, provided by Wintours Bulgaria OOD, at the time of purchase of the service/services. After making a reservation, depending on the service or travel package, the carrier receives a reservation form or voucher from a tour operator, which certifies the right of use of the holder of the service for a specific date.
A gift voucher issued by Wintours Bulgaria OOD is a document that certifies that an advance payment has been made for a product or service for which the document has been issued. It is not a means of payment, it cannot be used as such and it cannot be exchanged for its monetary equivalent.

The services can be:

- Wine tastings

- wine weekends in the Wine & Accommodation Complex

- Wine tours organized by tour operators

- wine & food

- tickets for wine events


Terms of use of the voucher:

- The voucher is used once.

- The holder specified in the voucher can be changed only in exceptional circumstances and if the booked service allows it.

- The bearer of the voucher is the holder, in case no specific one is indicated on the voucher itself.

- The voucher can be used for travel services with special/promotional prices under certain conditions valid at the time of making the reservation.

- The voucher cannot be exchanged for its monetary equivalent.

- The voucher has a certain validity, indicated on the voucher itself, and the latter cannot be changed.

- Each voucher purchased from the store has a unique code. Violated integrity of the voucher does not compromise the use of the voucher if the CLIENT mentions the unique code indicated on the voucher.




1.1. The website www.winetours.bg, hereinafter referred to as the "E-SHOP", is maintained by WINTOURS BULGARIA OOD, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 201602428, based in Plovdiv and address of management: Plovdiv, ul. Galabets 2 fl. 7. Ap. 19, Email: info@winetours.bg tel: 088 7552408.
1.2. These general terms and conditions are intended to regulate the relationship between WINTOURS BULGARIA Ltd., hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER, and the users of the E-SHOP, hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMERS.
1.3. The terms of use of www.shop.winetours.bg are mandatory for all CLIENTS of the E-SHOP.
1.4. Any use of the E-SHOP means that you have carefully read the Terms of Use and have agreed to abide by them unconditionally.
1.5. The terms of use may be changed at any time, unilaterally by the SUPPLIER and at its discretion. These changes take effect immediately after their publication on the E-SHOP page and are mandatory for all CUSTOMERS.

1.6. The SUPPLIER will inform the CLIENTS about any change in the Terms of Use by publishing them on the page of the E-SHOP. CUSTOMERS are obliged to make inquiries about changes in the Terms of Use of the E-SHOP every time they visit the site. In case you continue to use the E-SHOP, you expressly agree with the changes made.

2.1. Customer - any person who manually, through software, technical device or all taken together, has typed the e-mail address in his browser or has reached the E-SHOP by redirecting from another website and uses the E-SHOP in any way, including but not only by looking at it, making orders through it, buying or performing any other action through it.
2.2. Buyer - a person aged 18 or over who has entered into a distance sales contract with the SUPPLIER through the E-SHOP.
2.3. Contract - the contract concluded at a distance between the SUPPLIER and the BUYER for the purchase and sale of goods through the E-SHOP, an integral part of which are these Terms of Use.
2.4. Browser - a software application that is used to play documents with hypermedia and web navigation (website), display and interact with text, images, video, music, games, and other information.
2.5. Interface - a combination of graphic objects associated with program code, through which the CLIENT communicates with the E-SHOP in a way accessible to him.


2.6. Malicious activity - actions or omissions that violate Internet ethics or harm individuals connected to the Internet or associated networks, sending unsolicited e-mail (unsolicited commercial communications, SPAM), gaining access to resources with foreign rights and passwords, using vulnerabilities in systems for personal gain or information retrieval (HACK), committing acts that may qualify as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destroying systems or information arrays (CRACK), sending "Trojan horses" or inducing installation viruses or remote control systems, disrupt the normal operation of other Internet users and associated networks, perform any action that may qualify as a crime or administrative violation under Bulgarian law or other applicable law.

2.7. User profile - a separate part of the E-SHOP, containing information about the CLIENT, required by www.shop.winetours.bg, stored with him, used and processed only for the purposes of Art. 4, para. 1, item 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, as the access to the user profile by the CLIENT is carried out by entering a username and password. The user profile also serves the communication between the CLIENT and the SUPPLIER.
2.8. Password - a code of letters, numbers, and signs, which together with the username individualizes the CLIENT, and which together with the username serves to access his user profile.
2.9. Username is a unique code of letters, numbers and signs chosen by the CLIENT, through which he is individualized in his relationship with the SUPPLIER.
2.10. Sales price - the announced price of a good or service in Bulgarian levs, including value-added tax.
2.11. • CSC - Customer Service Center of the SUPPLIER, which provides CUSTOMERS with information about the activities carried out within the INTERNET STORE on the topic: Products, Store, Terms of Use, and current Promotions, from Monday to Friday (inclusive), at the hours specified on the website www.shop.winetours.bg and at the e-mail address info@winetours.bg and through the contact form in the ONLINE STORE in the "Contacts" section.

2.12. Working Day - every day from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00, except for statutory weekends.


3.1. Through the E-SHOP, the CLIENTS have the opportunity to conclude contracts for the purchase and sale, and delivery of the goods offered by the SUPPLIER, as well as to perform the following activities:
3.1.1. To register and create a user profile;
3.1.2. To make electronic statements in connection with the conclusion or execution of contracts with the SUPPLIER through the interface of the E-SHOP page, available on the Internet;
3.1.3. To review the goods, their characteristics, prices, and delivery conditions.
3.1.4. To conclude contracts for the purchase and sale of goods offered by the SUPPLIER in the E-SHOP;
3.1.5. To make any payments in connection with the concluded contracts with the SUPPLIER, according to the payment methods maintained by the E-SHOP.


3.2. The CLIENT can use the E-SHOP to conclude contracts for the sale of goods freely or through a created user profile. When purchasing through his user profile, the CLIENT should enter his chosen username and password for remote access.
3.3. The name and the password for remote access are determined by the CLIENT by registering electronically on the website of the SUPPLIER.
3.4. Upon registration, the CLIENT undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date data. In case of change, the CLIENT is obliged to promptly update the data specified in his user profile.
3.5. In case a profile in web social networks or other networks is used for registration of the CLIENT, a party to the contract is the person who is the holder of the profile used for registration in the respective social or another network. In this case, the SUPPLIER has the right to access the data necessary to identify the CLIENT in the relevant social or another network.


3.6. The username with which the CLIENT registers does not give him any rights other than the right to use the specific username within the E-SHOP. The SUPPLIER does not verify and is not responsible for the authenticity of the username, whether it affects the rights of third parties and in particular the right to a name or other personal rights, the right to a trading name (company), trademark rights or other intellectual property rights. property.
3.7. You must not misuse this website by deliberately introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs, or any other software or technology that is harmful or harmful. CLIENTS may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to this website, the server on which the site is located, or any server, computer, or database associated with our website. CUSTOMERS undertake not to attack this website through any denial of service attack or distributed denial of service attack. The SUPPLIER will report any non-compliance with these Terms of Use to the relevant authorities and will cooperate with them to determine the identity of the attacker. Also, in case of non-compliance with this clause, the permission to use this website is terminated immediately. The SUPPLIER shall not be liable for damages or damages resulting from a denial of service attack, virus, or any other software or technologically harmful or harmful materials that may affect the CLIENT's computer, its IT equipment, data, or materials as a result of the use of this website or downloading content from it or those to which this site redirects you.


3.8. The CUSTOMER agrees that the characteristics or prices of the goods offered through the E-SHOP can be changed by the SUPPLIER at any time. Due to technical reasons, they may contain errors for which the SUPPLIER apologizes in advance to its customers.
3.9. The SUPPLIER strives to provide CUSTOMERS with the most relevant and important information about the goods, but it is possible that the information about some products is incomplete.
3.10. All goods are sold until the quantities are exhausted, even if this is not explicitly stated in the E-SHOP.
3.11. The E-SHOP may contain links to other sites. The SUPPLIER is not responsible for the privacy policy of websites that it does not administer, as well as for other information contained therein.
3.12. The SUPPLIER makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information presented in the E-SHOP. However, given the possible technical errors or omissions in this information, the SUPPLIER specifies that the images of the goods are illustrative, and indicative, respectively, the delivered goods may differ from the images.
4.1. The SUPPLIER provides the following options for ordering goods from the E-SHOP:
4.1.1. in the E-SHOP;
4.1.2 through contact with the CCC:
4.1.3. by phone;
4.1.4. by e-mail;
4.1.5. through programs and software such as an online chat lines on the site of the E-SHOP.
4.2. In the process of developing the provided services, the SUPPLIER may introduce new, next ways of placing orders using remote means of agreement and communication or limit the current ones.
4.3 The order is E-SHOP is made by adding the desired goods to the shopping cart. It is necessary for the CUSTOMER to follow the steps indicated in the E-SHOP in order to complete and send the respective order.
4.4. Goods added to the cart can be purchased if available. Adding goods to the shopping cart without the order being completed does not lead to registration of the order and automatic saving of the goods for the respective CUSTOMER.
4.5. By sending the order, the CLIENT allows the SUPPLIER to contact him in any possible way, when necessary in connection with the order or the contract.
4.6. The SUPPLIER has the right to refuse to fulfill the order made by the CLIENT, for which he should notify the latter. The refusal of the order according to the previous sentence does not entail any responsibility or subsequent obligation of one of the parties to the other in connection with it and accordingly neither of them has the right to seek compensation from the other. The reason for the refusal of the SUPPLIER may be the following non-exhaustively listed circumstances:
4.6.1. non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the CLIENT of the transaction for online payment;
4.6.2. implementation of the money transaction in which the funds have not been credited to the SUPPLIER's account for online payments;
4.6.3. the data provided by the CLIENT are incomplete and/or incorrect.


5.1. The prices of the goods announced in the E-SHOP are in Bulgarian levs. The prices are final and include VAT, as well as all other taxes and fees provided for in the current Bulgarian legislation.
5.2. Payment of the price of the SUPPLIER is a necessary condition for the transfer of ownership of the goods.
5.3. The SUPPLIER offers the following methods of payment:
- Cash on delivery (cash on delivery);
-    Bank transfer;
Payment by debit or credit card
5.4. The announced methods of payment may be limited by the SUPPLIER at any time.
5.5. The CUSTOMER chooses the method of payment by pressing the appropriate button in the E-SHOP after completing the order.
5.6. Payment by cash on delivery is made in Bulgarian levs, directly to the courier / postal operator upon receipt of the goods. Refusal to receive the goods is a condition for termination of the contract of sale. The customer may also cancel the order within the specified time limit, without consequences, which does not violate his right to withdraw from the contract.

5.7. Payment by bank transfer is made within 1 (one) working day from the completion of the order to the following bank account of the supplier:

Currency: BGN

IBAN: BG03PRCB92301051442801

Bank: ProCredit Bank


 The grounds for payment must indicate the names of the customer who placed the order and the number of the order.

6.1. (Effective from 01.02.19) The delivery of products from the site of the E-SHOP to the CLIENT is calculated according to the tariff of Econt.
6.2. The delivery of products is possible only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
6.3. The CUSTOMER must inspect the goods at the time of delivery and delivery by the Supplier or a person authorized by him (courier / postal operator) and if he does not meet the requirements to notify the Supplier immediately.
6.4. Delivery time depends on the availability of selected goods. Delivery is made within 1 to 7 working days. The exact delivery time for each product is indicated for the respective product on the website of the E-SHOP. Additional information about the delivery is available on the website of the E-SHOP.


7.1. The CLIENT / BUYER has the right, without paying compensation or penalty and without stating a reason, to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
7.2. The right of refusal under para. 1 shall not apply in the following cases:
for the provision of services where the service is fully provided and its implementation has begun with the express prior consent of the CLIENT and confirmation by him that he knows that he will lose his right of withdrawal after the contract is fully performed by the SUPPLIER;
for the supply of goods or services, the price of which depends on the fluctuations of the financial market, which cannot be controlled by the SUPPLIER and which may occur during the period for exercising the right of withdrawal;
for delivery of goods made to order of the CLIENT or according to his individual requirements;
for the supply of goods which, by their nature, may deteriorate or have a short shelf life;
for the delivery of sealed goods that are unsealed after delivery and cannot be returned due to reasons related to hygiene or health protection;
for the supply of goods which, after being delivered and, by their nature, have been mixed with other goods from which they cannot be separated;
for the supply of alcoholic beverages, the price of which has been agreed at the time of the conclusion of the contract of sale, where the delivery may take place not earlier than 30 days from the conclusion of the contract and whose actual value depends on market fluctuations, which cannot be controlled by the SUPPLIER;
concluded during a public auction, as well as in other cases provided by law.
7.3. When the CLIENT has exercised his right to withdraw from the contract, the SUPPLIER shall reimburse all amounts paid by the CLIENT, including delivery costs, without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date on which he was notified of the CLIENT's decision. to withdraw from the contract. All costs for the return of the goods are at the expense of the CUSTOMER, unless otherwise stated on the page of the E-SHOP in the section "Return and exchange".
7.4. The CLIENT gives his explicit consent for the amounts paid to be refunded to him by bank transfer.
7.5. The SUPPLIER has no obligation to reimburse the additional costs for delivery of the goods when the CUSTOMER has explicitly chosen a method of delivery of the goods, other than the cheapest type of standard delivery offered by the SUPPLIER.

7.6. In the case of a contract of sale, where the SUPPLIER has not offered to collect the goods himself, he may withhold payment of the amounts to the CUSTOMER until he receives the goods or until the CUSTOMER provides proof that he has returned the goods, whichever it happened earlier.


10.1. Neither party will be liable for non-performance of its contractual obligations if such non-performance is due to force majeure. Force majeure is an unforeseeable event, beyond the control of the parties, which cannot be avoided.
10.2. If within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the event, it does not stop, each party has the right to notify the other party that it terminates the Agreement without owing the other compensation for any damages.
11.1. The contract between the CLIENT and the SUPPLIER is terminated in the following cases:
upon termination and declaration of liquidation or declaration of bankruptcy of one of the parties to the contract;
by mutual agreement of the parties in writing;
unilaterally, with notice from each of the parties in case of non-compliance with the obligations of the other party;
in case of objective impossibility of any of the parties to the contract to perform its obligations;
in case of exercising the right of withdrawal under the Consumer Protection Act.
12.1. If any of the provisions of these Terms of Use of the E-SHOP prove to be invalid or inapplicable, regardless of the reason, this does not entail the invalidity or inapplicability of the other provisions.
12.2. The laws of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the issues not settled in this contract, related to the implementation and interpretation of these Terms.


12.3. Supervisors:
Consumer Protection Commission
Address: Sofia 1000, 4A Slaveykov Square, 3rd, 4th and 6th floors,
tel .: 02/980 25 24, 0700 111 22
fax: 02/988 42 18
Website: www.kzp.bg.


12.4. Any disputes arising between the SUPPLIER and its CLIENTS will be resolved by mutual agreement or if this is not possible by the competent court or the Consumer Protection Commission.
In the event of a dispute related to an online purchase, you can use the website of the European Commission.
These General Terms and Conditions were adopted on September 1, 2019, and entered into force on the same date.
Definitions of terms used:
Reservation - a reservation for hotel accommodation, for a plane ticket, for transfer, etc. tourist services, which can be connected to each other or booked individually.
User - any person using the services of WINETOURS BULGARIA Ltd. in accordance with these Terms
Hotel - a facility providing accommodation according to the Tourism Act, operating on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or abroad
A gift voucher issued by Wintours Bulgaria OOD is a document that certifies that an advance payment has been made for a product or service for which the document has been issued. It is not a means of payment, it cannot be used as such and it cannot be exchanged for its monetary equivalent.
1. Reservations
Reservations can be made by phone or online through WINETOURS BULGARIA Ltd., which has a valid agency agreement with the Tour Operator or the hotel/wine cellar. The reservation for organized tourist trips is considered valid only after signing a Tourist Package Agreement / in person or electronically according to Article 84 of the Tourism Act / and making a deposit / in cash, by bank transfer or by credit/debit card, and etc. /, the amount of which depends on the type and requirements of the program. Reservation for individual accommodation and tastings is considered valid after depositing the full amount by bank transfer and upon receipt of a reservation form, a document certifying the right of the recipient to use the tourist service.
2. Preliminary information
The information provided on the travel agency's website takes precedence over that which can be found in other sources (internet, brochures, radio commercials, etc.). The complete preliminary information according to art. 82 of the Tourism Act must be accompanied by a Standard form for providing information in connection with contracts for tourist packages.
3. Documents required for the trip
3.1. The user is obliged to monitor the validity of his personal documents with which he will travel in the country or abroad, as well as to prepare the necessary powers of attorney in case he is under 18 and travels abroad without accompanying his parents. Foreign citizens traveling under the programs of the Tour Operator are obliged to be informed in advance by the relevant competent authorities about the regime of their travel under the respective program and country.
3.2. The travel agency and the tour operator are not responsible in cases where the refusal to leave the country of the User due to the expiration of the validity of personal documents, as well as in cases where the User for one reason or another can not provide them. In case the User has entered the country with a vehicle, in order to leave it, he is obliged to leave the same in a customs parking lot, otherwise, he may be refused to leave the country, for which the Tour Operator is not responsible.
Prices and payments
4.1. Prices are packaged, pre-announced, and valid as of a certain date, as for each program exactly what is included is announced in advance and everything that is not described as included should be considered as not included. Package prices do not include fuel tax and other variable components, which are announced in advance in the information provided to the User.
4.2. Payment is made in BGN at the BNB exchange rate for the day. Payment can be by cash on delivery, by debit/credit card online, by bank transfer to the account of Wintours Bulgaria OOD, and the User must ensure that the amount paid by him is received by Wintours Bulgaria OOD in the requirements of the relevant program term.
4.3. Gift vouchers issued by Wintours Bulgaria Ltd. for unorganized trips are 100% prepaid.
4.4. The amount of the deposit for organized trips for a specific date can vary from 30% to 50% of the total amount of the trip, as for reservations made for national holidays, New Year, Easter and others. may not be less than 50% of the value of the trip, unless otherwise stated in the package travel contract. The deposit is paid at the time of concluding the Tourist Package Agreement.
4.5. The final payment is made between 15 and 30 days before the date of travel unless otherwise stated in the Travel Package Agreement. Final payment for reservations made for the New Year, Easter, and other national holidays is made at least 30 days before the date of travel. If you make a reservation less than 30 days before the date of travel in these cases, the full amount is paid when concluding the contract for a travel package.
4.6. Changes in the value of the services offered on shop.winetours.bg can be made by Winetours Bulgaria Ltd. in the following cases: increase in the value of hotel accommodation by the hotel itself, including tastings, etc. services. In the event of a change in the price within the validity of the voucher, the customer has the right to choose another service for the same value or to pay the difference in price.
Rights and obligations of the parties:
5.1. The travel agent undertakes:
5.1.1. To provide the User with tourist services, which are subject to the Contract for tourist package and paid by the User.
5.1.3. To observe the rules for the storage of personal data. Their provision to third parties is allowed only in cases where it is necessary to partners with whom the Travel Agency has an agreed relationship for the implementation of the services requested by the User.
5.1.4. The travel agent undertakes to require the Tour Operator to provide the User with the opportunity to take out travel cancellation insurance against the relevant additional payment.
5.2. In case of organized trips the travel agent has the right to withdraw from the Travel Package Agreement without liability in cases where the User does not make payments within the period specified in the Travel Package Agreement and these Terms and Conditions, payments are certified by relevant payment documents including in the cases when the User has made a deposit payment, but has not paid 100% on time, in which case it is considered that the User has voluntarily given up the trip and his deposit is not refundable.
5.4. The Travel Agent undertakes to notify the User immediately in case of significant change in some of the essential clauses of this Agreement no later than 20 days before the start date of the trip, and the User undertakes within 3 days after receipt of the notification to accept or reject the changes made. In case the User refuses to accept the changes, the Travel Agent offers him another trip under adequate conditions, and the User has the right to withdraw from the Agreement without paying penalties and compensation, and the Travel Agent refunds the amounts paid by him under the Agreement. within 14 days of receipt of the notification by the User without actual costs incurred. A change in the means of transport (airplane, bus, etc.), hotel or catering establishment with another of the same or higher category or class without leading to a change in price is not considered a significant change in the Contract.
5.5. The travel agent is responsible for the proper implementation of all travel services included in the travel package according to Article 90 of the Tourism Act.
5.6. The travel agent undertakes to provide assistance under Article 93 by providing useful information to the traveler on health services, local authorities, and the provision of consular assistance, as well as to provide additional information and assistance on the implementation of long-distance and/or international communications and find alternative tourist services. In case the difficulty of the traveler is caused as a result of his intentional action or inaction and irresponsibility, the Tour Operator will require payment of a fee for the assistance provided, including the actual costs incurred for him.
5.7. The user undertakes:
5.7.1. To provide the necessary valid personal documents for travel in the country and abroad, prepared in accordance with the laws of the visited country, as well as the relevant notarized travel permits outside the country if the traveler is under 18 and unaccompanied by both parents.
5.7.2. To pay in full and in accordance with the terms specified in the Contract for organized travel and these Terms and Conditions the value of the requested tourist services.
5.7.3. To comply with the laws of the country he is traveling to.
5.7.4. To pass the appropriate prophylaxis according to the international medical standards in case he will travel to countries with increased risk of infectious diseases.
5.8. The user has the right to:
5.8.1. To transfer his rights and obligations under this Contract for organized travel to a third party who meets the requirements for the trip within 7 days before the date of travel. In this case, both are jointly and severally liable to Weintours Bulgaria Ltd. for payment of the total cost of the trip, and the third party declares that it agrees to accept the transfer and fully agrees with the terms of the contract and its annexes, and that he is aware of travel information. The transfer cannot be made in cases when the contractors (carriers - airlines, bus companies, etc.) do not allow the change of name and transfer of these rights and obligations to a third party. The costs incurred in connection with the transfer of the trip to a third party shall be borne jointly by the User under the Contract and the person to whom the contract is transferred, and they may not exceed the actual costs incurred for this transfer.
  1. Responsibility of the parties:
    6.1. In case of non-performance or incorrect performance by Wintours Bulgaria OOD of the services under this Agreement, he undertakes to compensate the User for the duly proven damages.
    6.2. When the liability of the TRAVEL AGENT or the contractors for damages caused to the User by the non-performance or incorrect performance of the services is limited by international agreements, the liability of the TRAVEL AGENT is within these limits.
    6.3. In case of Over booking/overcrowding of the hotel / by the Hotelier and inability of the Hotelier to accommodate the User in the pre-booked hotel, the User will be offered an alternative hotel with the same category or higher, in the same resort and have the same amenities. In this case, the TRAVEL AGENT is not responsible for such actions by the partner/hotelier. In case the User refuses the alternative offered to him on the spot, he has no right to claim a refund of any amount from the TRAVEL AGENT. The responsibility for damages and lost profits in case of refusal of accommodation by the User is at the expense of the User.
    6.4. The TRAVEL AGENT is obliged to inform the User about the requirements for a minimum number of tourists and deadline for their recruitment under the program, and has the right to cancel the trip if the required minimum number of participants is not collected within the pre-announced period or cancellation is due to force majeure. In this case, Winetours Bulgaria Ltd. is not responsible for non-performance of the Agreement by returning to the User the amounts paid by him without actual costs incurred (for paid insurance, fines for returned tickets, visa fees, etc.), and these costs are duly certified completed documents. The deadlines for notifying the User regarding the recruitment of a minimum number of tourists may not be shorter than:
    - 20 days before the start of the implementation of the tourist package - in the case of trips lasting more than 6 days;
    - 7 days before the start of the implementation of the tourist package - in the case of trips lasting from two to 6 days;
    - 48 hours before the start of the tourist package - in the case of journeys of less than two days, or
    6.5. The travel agent shall not be liable for non-performance or incorrect performance of this contract in cases where:
    - the reasons are due to the User, including offenses or other non-compliance with the laws of a country, return by the Border Authorities, which is provoked by guilty behavior of the User
    - there are actions of a third party not related to the performance of the Contract
    - if the User due to his own fault is late or does not appear at the appointed meeting during the implementation of the Contract for organized travel.
    - force majeure circumstances that cannot be foreseen or avoided by the Tour Operator and its contractors in good faith performance of their duties.
  1. Cancellation deadlines
    In case of refusal of travel and termination of the Contract by the User, the Travel Agent withholds the following penalties, unless otherwise stated in the offer for accommodation/tasting or the contract for a travel package:
    7.1. Up to 60 or more days before the trip - no penalties, if such is not due on the canceled plane, ferry, bus tickets, or other fees. In case such are due for already issued air, ferry, bus, etc. tickets or visas, etc., which are part of the value of the trip, the tariffs and rules and conditions for cancellations of the respective provider (airline, ferry) company, Embassy, ​​etc.)
    7.2. between 59 and 30 days before the date of travel - 30% of the total value of the trip
    7.3. between 29 and 15 days before the date of travel - 50% of the total amount of the trip.
    7.4. less than 15 days before the date of travel - 100% of the total amount of the trip.
    7.5. In case of cancellation of trips for New Year, Easter, or other national holidays, the penalty is not due within 24 hours from the moment of registration. After 24 hours from the moment of booking for the respective trip up to 30 days before the date of the trip, the penalty is 50% of the value of the trip. Less than 30 days before the date of travel is due a 100% penalty.
  1. Disputes and complaints
    8.1. All disputes over the implementation of this Agreement shall be resolved by mutual consent of the parties. In case no agreement can be reached, the disputes shall be referred to the relevant competent Bulgarian court.
    8.2. In the event that during the trip the User establishes facts of non-compliance or incorrect/incomplete performance of the terms of this Agreement, he undertakes to immediately and only in writing notify the service provider on the spot and the Travel Agent in order to take timely action. measures to satisfy both parties.
    8.3. In case the claims of the User related to the quality of the provided service cannot be satisfied on the spot, the User has the right to submit a duly filed complaint to the Travel Agent in writing within 14 days of return electronically. In this case, the User is obliged to provide a protocol complaint, signed by the host travel company, the administration of the site, provided the travel service, and by himself. Without the presence of such a complaint protocol, the User cannot make any claims to the Travel Agent. After submitting the complaint, the Travel Agent is obliged to notify the User of his opinion within 30 days of its submission together with the protocol.
    8.4. In cases where the User terminates the trip during its duration or the trip is terminated prematurely due to the fault of the User (indecent behavior, non-compliance with local laws, etc.), he has no right to claim a refund of any amounts and he arranges for his return to the starting point of his journey.
    The user confirms that he is an adult citizen and has reached the age of 18.
    Personal data

The travel agent needs the personal data of the User (such as PIN, address, name, phone, email, etc.) in order to be able to perform the services related to the travel of the User. All personal data is collected, stored, and used in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. The user confirms that his personal data may be transferred to third parties in connection with the reservation made by him (such as insurance companies, airlines, hotels, etc.).

  1. I agree / I WINETOURS BULGARIA Ltd. to store and process my personal data/names, passport data, PIN, email, and phone / based on Art. 82 para. 2 of the Tourism Act and Art. 4 para. 1, item 2 and item 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

I am familiar with:

  • the purpose and means of processing my personal data;
  • the voluntary nature of the provision of the data;
  • the right to access, correct, and delete the collected data

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