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Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

What is the validity of the voucher?
The validity of the voucher purchased after 12.06.23 is 1 year from the date of its purchase unless otherwise stated in the terms of the offer. Vouchers purchased before 12/06/23 are valid for 6 months.
The travel agency is not responsible for changes in the prices of tourist services offered by the hotels and wineries that occur within the validity of the voucher. In case of a price increase, the difference is paid by the voucher user or he is given the opportunity to choose another service for the same value.
The validity of the voucher for tastings, wine weekends, and gourmet lunches/dinners is not bound to specific dates but depends on the possibilities of the objects to which it applies.
The validity of the voucher for a group-organized wine tour or event is tied to the specific travel dates.
When purchasing event vouchers, the voucher is valid for the date of the event.
Each voucher can be used within the validity period printed on its face.
Expired vouchers are not serviced.
Can the voucher holder be changed?

The holder named in the voucher can only be changed in exceptional circumstances and in case the booked service allows it.

How do I book after receiving a gift voucher?
You need to call 0887552408, 0887410063, or e-mail: info@winetours.bg and shop@winetours.bg to request the dates you want.
Once your reservation has been confirmed, you will receive a voucher or reservation form for the paid services to present at the facility (hotel, winery).
Is advance booking required?

Advance booking is mandatory for every service. To be sure that you can use the voucher on the date you want, make a reservation as early as possible.

How do I make a payment?
Vouchers can be paid by bank transfer in any bank branch or by electronic banking. You will receive payment details and bank details by email after ordering the voucher.
They can be paid by credit/debit card or postal money order on receipt
Bank details for payment:
Currency: BGN
IBAN number: BG03PRCB92301051442801
Bank: ProCredit Bank
What happens when I cancel a reservation?

A confirmed reservation can be canceled, with the penalty amount due according to the general "Terms and Conditions" specified at https://shop.winetours.bg/delivery.html, unless otherwise stated in the conditions of the specific reservation.

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.