Dynamic teambuilding for 10 people in Zagreus

  • Manufacturer: Винарна Загрей / Zagreus winery

Wine teambuilding experiences are ideal ways to get to know wine as a beverage but also an interesting, dynamic and fun to do so. Just like the process of wine making requires team work between agronomist, vintners, traders and wine guides, so do the teambuilding games linked to wine. They require coordinated actions from the participants and in so bring the team together.

Surprise your team with an unforgettable experience in one of the most creative driven wine cellars in Bulgaria – Zagreus. The games that the young team has developed will give you and your colleagues a chance to get to know the culture of cultivating, harvesting and making bread from einkorn, the culture of consuming wine, understand the basic phases of wine making and also to be inspired and strive for more effective team work leading to higher quality end results.

Wine games:

  • Rally “Zagreus” - The participants split into teams and each team starts off with instructions on the starting position of the game which is different for each team. At the starting point they will find instructions for their next checkpoint they need to make their way to. That way each team will cover almost the entire production base closely monitored by us, of course. At each checkpoint there will be a little riddle or quiz to complete which will serve as a hint for the next stage. The team which finishes first wins.
  • Arrange the pictures correctly – Each team gets the same number of pictures which they need to put together in the correct order which is the entire life cycle of a wine – from the pruning of the vines to the bottling.
  • Triangle tasting tests – The two teams sit on different tables. Each participant gets three samples, two of which are the same and the third one is different. They need to guess which one that is. In this case we have made sure that the difference is noticeable enough for the ordinary consumer. Each team needs to come to a unanimous decision on which sample is the unique one. The winning team is the one to have the most correctly guessed samples.
  • Wine workshop – we talk about the coupaging as a phase in the creation of a wine. We explain what exactly it means what creates a coupage. We guide the guests to create their own coupage using the wines we have provided. They sample and choose their own version which they then get to bottle, cork, capsule and create a personal label.

Lunch block table includes:

Tomatoes         Cucumbers      Onion              Cheese             Olives              Battered cheese

Chicken satay              Pork satay       Grilled vegetables       Seasonal fruit


Wines for tasting:

  • Tiara white Mavrud bio
  • Tiara rose Mavrud bio
  • HandMade Pamid
  • Mavrud Bio Reserve
  • Vinica Mavrud bio


12:30 pm – Arrival at Zagreus

12:30 – 2pm – Lunch at the gazebo with a 5 wine tasting

2pm – 2:30pm – Tour around the winery following the technological process from grape to bottle

2:30 – 5pm – Wine games and wine workshop

Get in touch with us if your team is bigger than that so that we can draft a program suitable for the size of your group. You can count on us to organize accommodation in the area as well as transport.


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