Tasting for two in 24/42 Estate Winery

  • Manufacturer: 24/47 Winery Estate

A small winery 24/42 Estate Winery is situate is the village of Cerovo, Pazardzhik province and is named after the GPS coordinates of the vineyard massifs. They grow Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon but plan on growing their range with white varieties.

In what appears to be a small industrial winery at first glance the owners have created an incredibly cosy tasting hall where any wine enthusiast would feel welcome. The funky furniture forming unique tasting nooks have been designed with great attention to detail and mostly that of preserving the environment around us. The artistic feel of the hall as well as the open air tasting area definitely make an impression and make you feel like you’ve broken away from the heavy luxury for a moment and let you enjoy the peace and quiet of village life with a glass of wine in hand and some tasty homemade treats.

Indulge yourself in a tasting of 5 wines in 24/42 Winery Estate, led by the owner of the winery who will introduce you to the story of the winery, the wines and the region, as well as share with you his philosophy and future plans.

Price: 40 BGN for two people

The place is ideal for wine gatherings with friends and wine enthusiasts who prefer lesser known places, hidden little village wineries with respect for the product which follow the process from the vineyards all the way to the bottle. Get in touch with us so that we can tell you more about it and we can organise your event.

This package fully complies with our 0 Waste, Better taste concept and we highly recommend you to enjoy it!

Be prepared for the tasting with our Wine Journal where you can make notes of your impressions of the wines tasted in the cellars. A valuable helper for wine lovers who are just now entering the world of wine.

In the spirit of Zero Waste, Better Taste, you can also check out the Zero Waste Package.

Before you buy the voucher, check the dates you wish to book by contact us at 0887 41 00 63 , shop@winetours.bg or write to us on Facebook.

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