Tasting 4 wines in Rosalea, Harmanli

  • Manufacturer: Росалеа / Rosalea

Impressed by the terroir and the wines in Sakar, the Czechian investor Petr Beletz realized his idea of becoming part of the entire process from the birth of the grape to the bottle of wine by creating Rosalea. Everything started in 2016 with the planting of the vineyard in the village of Shishmanovo - not only as an investment, but as a mean to connect with nature, the terroir and the people of Sakar. Inspired by the Roman holiday Rosália, Peter's wife, Suzanne, gave the winery the name Rosaléa.


Rosalea cultivates 100 acres of vineyards upon the gentle hills of Sakar not far from the town of Harmanli with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Chardonnay, Mavrud and Rubin varieties.


In 2020, the experienced oenologist Ekaterina Gargova joined the team which is also the year she made the first wine from Rosalea's vineyards.


Each wine has its own story which begins with from the terroir and develops into a collection of stories about growth, transformation and experiments. Rosalea combines all these stories, inspired by the balance between man and nature and the wine that connects them. Here at Rosalea we want to tell you about the creation of that path, from the vineyard to the bottle. Our mission is to share our experience in this ancient tradition from the region of Sakar and to develop the community. Every wine has a story.

Let Rosalea develop yours.

The visit to the winey starts off with a tour of the cellar and we proceed to the tasting of 4 of their wines, served with some interesting snacks, a drink of water and some information on the wines from the oenologist.

As of this moment Rosalea are still welcoming tourist with pre-arranged bookings only and the minimum number of participants is 6. Nevertheless even if you’re a smaller group please give us a call as we may be able to arrange something.

Price of the tasting: 22 BGN per person (minimum of 6 people)


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