KA&TA Catalogue of Bulgarian wine 2023

“If you’re opening this book, well you’re infected by the virus that is the love of wine. Regardless whether your interest is solely in the tasting or whether you would like to know about what is going on at the cellar or the vineyards we are happy to be of help.”

That is how the authors of KA&TA welcome every wine enthusiast to join them on their wine adventure in the world of the best Bulgarian wines which they have gathered in a jubilee 10th catalogue.


Along the information about around 300 wine cellars in Bulgaria and the tasting scores of the most of the wines, in this book you will find plenty of interesting information:

  • Dictionary of some terms used to describe the wine
  • 10 wine destinations around Europe
  • 10 types of wine stoppers
  • 10 lesser known facts about the master sommelier (MS)
  • The essence of gastronomy
  • How to use KA&TA 2023
  • Information about the authors and the tasters as well as the wines they awarded with 5 stars!

You can now find the KA&TA Catalogue of Bulgarian wine in Plovdiv where we would be happy to deliver personally.

The catalogue is bilingual (BG and EN) and makes for a wonderful present for a wine lover!


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