Wine adventure Lyuti Brod - The portal to Northwest Bulgaria

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The mystical Bulgarian region of the Northwest is home to rich history, stunning mountains, fertile land along with national heroes and legendary tales of treasures. A trip by train to Lyutibrod is not only the most ecological option but it will add a nostalgic but romantic hue to your overall experience. The train journey passes through the Iskar gorge where you will feast your eyes on breath-taking views as you travel through a cascade of bridges and tunnels. Some train stations were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the signs still written in both Bulgarian and French.

Lyutibrod – the portal to the Northwest. It’s easy to recognise it by the massive vertical rocks (Ritli) upon entry marking the portal. Remains of early Christian and medieval churches can be found in its foot as well as Rashov Dol – a historically charged spot where re-enactments are carried out annually on June 3rd to commemorate Botev and those who fought alongside him for the independence of the country.

The wine tasting of 7 wines from the Northwest takes place on the banks of the river just across from the Ritli rocks, paired with local delicacies. Although the spot is only 10 minutes from the station in Lyutibrod you will get there after a 2 hour panoramic hike in the company of one of your hosts from Jolly Vintners by one of two routes:


Route “Prosechen Kamak” (cut stone)


We climb to the top of the village from where we will indulge in a beautiful view towards the valley of the river Iskar and Lyutibrod. The contrasting and ever-changing scenery of rocks and caves is short of breath-taking. A few hundred metres from there we’ll reach Prosechen Kamak which most likely gets its name from Roman times. There is also a beautiful view towards the Cherpishki monastery from the fortress Shishmanovo Kale.


Route “Koritengrad – Rashov Dol”


Human activity has been bubbling at the foot of the Ritli and it is believe that it is where the Tribali defeated Philip II of Macedon. The ruins of an episcopal and medieval churches remind visitors of the bustling life in what once was Koritengrad. We hike on the eco trail “Belike Skali” (The white rocks) to reach the area Rashov dol.


The offer is for two people. Price: 196 BGN (VAT included)


The offer includes:

  • Wine tasting of 7 wines from the Northwest served with local delicacies outside, among nature presented by wine project The Jolly Vintners
  • Nature walk/hike is free of charge and the presence of your host and wine expert along the way is invaluable
  • Starting point: Railway station Lyuti Brod
  • Return: from the location of the wine tasting to the railway station Lyuti Brod it takes approximately 10 minutes


This adventure takes place once a date is booked and confirmed for a group or with a minimum of 6 people. If requested, voucher users will be notified of the confirmed dates.


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